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Everyone can take benefit of an initial free consultation, which usually lasts 60-90 minutes, so I can gather information this is a no obligation consultation which can be done either by phone, skype or in person.

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Consultations and Sessions are accessible to your convenience with a choice of having them either face to face , at the comfort of your own home / over the phone/ Skype or at my consultation room in Luton.

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Session costs are reasonably priced starting from £50 per session. which usually lasts 60-90 minutes depends on every individual background.

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Sessions are tailored to be carried out easily and efficiently to your convenience and availability.

About Me

Neuro Linguistic Programming therapist
A fully qualified therapist in neuro linguistic programming,

What led me to study and train in certifying to become a therapist there are number of aspects, personal experiences of distressing situations which had put me in a state of anxiety and depression resulted in struggling to the extent where I was experiencing illusions. I was being pushed to seek medical treatment.. But had refused to take medication, due to feeling a stronger force within me telling me the answer is not outside it’s within. I fought out of this dilemma through what I knew and through spiritual meditation mastered anxiety and depression instead of it mastering me. Besides my personal experiences that led me to believe with every problem the solution lies within. I believe true happiness comes from the freedom to be who we are without judgement from ourselves or others. My passion is to encourage to love and accept one's self fully; to be true to who you are. Within a non judgmental healing environment I aim to provide with the chance to honestly express your feelings and fears, to heal them and to then give you the tools to take with you to continue your growth outside of the healing session. I have always loved to help people feel positive/hopeful and believing in themselves – learning NLP, time line therapy and hypnosis was just a bonus in reaching further out bringing out the potential of people wanting to achieve the best out of their life journey because they can. I am continuously updating and expanding my knowledge and skills with training and in – depth study.

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